Bargains at The Little Elves’ Yard Sale

All profits will be used to finance our activities of distributing Christmas gifts to lone or isolated people affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Foundation therefore appeals to its friends who want to part with items that we can resell.

Give 😍

  • small furniture
  • small appliances
  • crockery, utensils, pans
  • toys, books, trinkets, cds, dvds
  • bicycles and sporting goods
  • etc.

All clean and in good working order, please.

Do not give 🥺

  • large furniture
  • clothes
  • rugs
  • linens
  • televisions and computer screemns of any type
  • encyclopedias

Deposit of objects

You can bring your stuff Friday June 7th by appointment (email us) from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, to 7000 Molson St. in Montréal.

Call for volunteers

The Elves are also looking for volunteers for the Friday evening and weekend. If you have a couple of hours to give, do contact us!