This Christmas, The Elves Offer 3,660 Gifts

Beyond the number — 3,660 gifts, including 664 for children — what describes best the Little Elves’ 2013 campaign? On the Elves’ side, the words “perseverance”, “bargain hunting” and “pleasure”.  On the beneficiaries’ side, the terms “joy” and “gratitude”.

lutins_couverture_album_campagne_2013_v2It was a long but enjoyable campaign, starting in mid-September with our kiosk at Marché Jean-Talon. Although rain and extreme cold forced us to cut some days, we welcomed a record number of volunteers. These Elves talked about our mission to one and all, and sold our sweet & spicy mix of nuts as well as our candies, keeping their smile even in bad weather. In this context, our fundraising goals were not reached and so our Elves had to work especially hard at finding great bargains and reducing other costs.

We must highlight the renewed support of Marché des saveurs du Québec, our generous host at Marché Jean-Talon, of Produits de papier Paramount, of Transport Robert, of Jouets Choochoo, of Lozeau, of Canus (Caprina) and, of course, of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf which hosted our wrapping brigade for the 9th year.

This year, the Little Elves could count on a new partner in Siemens Transportation Group Inc. which transported, free of charge, gifts from Toronto to the three Western destinations of Regina, Calgary and Vancouver.


View the Wrapping Weekend album!

Our 200 wrappers worked for the pleasure of giving, to be useful, as shown in a superb video report (in French) that was published on LaPresse+ and Some of them were also rewarded with door prizes in the form of gift certficates from Marché des saveurs du Québec, Barista, Alambika, Barbounya, Mile-Ex, Montréal Cuisine,  iBurger, la Librairie gourmande, and Voiles 4 Saisons.

GRATEFUL THANKS to all who contributed time, money or ressources to our 2013 campaign. May the year 2014 bring us all health and happiness!

* * *

Since the wrapping weekend, thanks are filling our inbox and were shared as they arrived on our Facebook page. Here are some of them.

«Un grand Merci pour les jolis cadeaux signes Charlie. Nous sommes des personnes vivant avec le VIH et qui partagent les connaissances acquises depuis nombre d’annees pour essayer d’enrayer la maladie. La Saskatchewan est en epidemie de VIH avec le double des cas per capita au pays. Merci et Joyeux Noel a tous vos Lutins!”

~ Aids Programs South Saskatchewan, Regina

“Thank you for supporting our anual Holiday party and gift bag program. *Amazing donor support* is what makes this event such a success. At a time of year when it is difficult sor so many of our families, your generosity helps ensure that each child and adult has the opportunity to come out and enjoy an afternoon of good food, music, entertainment, dancing and games (…).”

~ The Teresa Group, Toronto

«(…) nous tenons à vous remercier du fond du coeur, vous et votre équipe. Vous nous avez fait parvenir une boîte de cadeaux, qui sera réjouir nos personnes atteintes, pour la période des fêtes. (…)
Merci encore à vos extraordinaires p’tits lutins…»

~ Le MIENS, Chicoutimi

“Many thanks to you and all of the elves at The Little Elves Foundation! We received the gifts yesterday and they will be greatly appreciated by our day health program participants, who will receive them on Christmas Eve at our holiday celebration luncheon. For many of them, it may be the only Christmas gift they receive and a number of people ask us each year if the little elves will be sending them gifts again, as it is something they look forward to every year.

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you for being a part of our community of care. Merry Christmas to you and all of the elves!”

~ Dr Peter Centre, Vancouver

«Nous avons bien reçu nos 4 boîtes de cadeaux et ils sont déjà en dessous de l’arbre!
Merci beaucoup, ils sont magnifiques!»

~ L’A.R.C.H.E. de l’Estrie