Through the years, we’ve received some thank you notes and emails. Here are a few excerpts:

We are so thankful for the wonderful Fondation Les P'tits Lutins / The Little Elves Foundation. Every year we look forward to the gifts they send for our clients. Knowing that someone, somewhere cares enough to take the time arrange for them to receive a present means the world to our clients. Especially when the gift is a really warm pair of gloves and a set of hand warmers, which we all need during the winter here on the prairies.

~AIDS Programs South SaskatchewanSource: Regina, SK (2019) - Facebook

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your organization for the wonderful presents for our clients.

Your generosity is crucial to making Christmas brighter for people with HIV and AIDS in Regina. APSS’s budget is very small with much of our budget comes from donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, community groups, and fundraising We are not in a position to provide gifts for the people we serve so receiving gifts like this for our clients is so heartwarming.

When I took a gift to one of our hospital bound clients, he began to cry. He has been in the hospital since February of last year because he is not healthy enough to go home and unfortunately there is no space in the care homes at this time. So, being able to give him a gift (which turned out to be his favorite chocolates) was priceless. It is moments like this that make our job so rewarding.

~AIDS Programs South SaskatchewanSource: Regina, SK (2012)

Dear Elves, My nurse from Casey House came to see me today and delivered your beautifully wrapped gift. My gift was a pair of wonderful gloves for the winter season. I would like to thank Pere Noel and your great organization for the surprise!!

Merci and Bonne Annee

~Anonymous client of Casey HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2015)

Many thanks for making our Holiday Party such a hit! Our clients were thrilled with the wrapped gifts for teir children & to have a special something wrapped for themselves!! The blankets, towels & warm weather wear were all popular gifts! We could not have put those smiles on their faces without out!!

~PASAN – Prisoner’s with HIV Support Action NetworkSource: Toronto, ON (2015)

(...) thank you for the generous donations that included items such as wrapped Chritsmas gifts, herb growing kits, a floating lamp, coffee set, incense set, towel and soap, candle/stand and blanket.

You support helps to make a difference. Your efforts as «special elves» have meant that each of our residents will have an extra special festive season.

~John Gordon HomeSource: London, ON (2007)

(…) please accept our heartfelt thanks for you generous support and beautiful gifts. You truly helped to make the spirits bright!

~Bruce HouseSource: Ottawa, ON (2007)

(...) thank you for your generous donation of wrapped gifts for enjoyment by the clients of Casey House. The Little Elves gifts have come to be a greatly anticipated tradition amongst Casey House clients, and were distributed throughout the holiday season to both our residents in the house as well as our clients in the community. So many of our clients struggle with social isolation during the holiday season, and to receive a heartfelt gift to unwrap on Christmas Day is such a rare and appreciated pleasure for them.

We are grateful for the comfort and joy your gift has given our clients who so greatly need to know that there is hope, there are people to turn to and people who care.

~Casey HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2012)

You made all our clients so *very* happy and cared for!

You make every one of our clients feel loved!

~Dr Peter CentreSource: Vancouer, BC (2016)

I was overwhelmed when my visiting nurse from Casey House gave me a wrapped gift (from Dennis) our last visit before Christmas. I am a long term survivor that over the years has a world that has become smaller. I spent most of Dec. in hospital and was told I was hanging by a thread (renal failure this time) and may have only 2 days left. I at their insistance arranged a DNR order and cried, Nobody was there, for me anymore (people grow weary of watching someone who is so limited in mobility and mostly bedridden.) They asked if I would prefer staying in the hospital or going to Casey house to pass on. I said I wanted to go home. I had no tree this year, but managed to get a few items out of storage to try to capture the xmas spirit for what in all likely hood my last Chrismas. Your gift gave me the greatest gift of all. I couldn’t believe that total strangers would go so far out of the way to make sure I had a gift to open Dec. 25. It reminded me of the goodness and selflessness that still exists, that the real spirit of what the holidays are is about giving unconditionally, I will always remember your kind gesture, it restored my faith in humanity. God bless you for what you do, you have touched my life in ways you will never know. 

~Anonymous client of Casey HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2006)

“(t)hank you and your amazing ‘elves’ for the wonderful that you all do leading up to the holiday season, in order that so many others who are alone or in need can feel a part of Christmas.

Your incredibly generous donation this year to [centre] of over 150 gifts for inclusion in our client gift bags assured that no one here, wether in our residential programs or our street outreach program, was without a special something gift-wrapped for Christmas Day. Thank you so much from us all!

~--Source: Toronto, ON (2003)

We want to thank you SO very much for ALL your wonderful gifts, again this year! Your generosity is amazing. You brightened so many of our clients' lives with beautifully wrapped and very thoughtful gifts.

~Dr Peter CentreSource: Vancouver, BC (2017)

Thank you for the all the wonderful gifts you sent to our clients. You've made their holiday a wonderful experience. All your hard work is truly appreciated by those in need.

~ACNLSource: AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador. (2016)

Just wanted to let you know that the gifts arrived this morning safe and sound. The timing is GREAT – we start Holiday parties this weekend, so everyone will have something to receive.

I know our residents and clients look forward to this every year – there’s really nothing like the anticipation of opening a gift, especially when some of them will not receive any other type of gift.

~Fife HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2011)

I just wanted to let you know that we (Project Kathleen) received your Christmas package today. Thank you so much for what you do. The residents are really looking forward to opening the gifts. Happy holidays and best wishes.

~Project KathleenSource: Calgary, AB (2014)

Your gifts are crucial to AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan work. Much of our budget comes from private donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, community groups, and proceeds from campaigns and events. So to receive gifts like this for clients makes all our hard work so worthwhile when resources are limited and to have such generosity bestowed on our organization is beyond words of gratitude.

~AIDS Programs South SaskatchewanSource: Regina, SK (2008)

Thank you again for your support of our clients, especially during the holiday season.

During 2017, one client lost his mother, one his sister, and a third one has his mother in palliative care so as you can see, some of our clients are losing some of their support systems and to have your organization continue to be there for them is truly amazing and appreciated.

They really appreciate that there are others out there that care about them.

As usual, the gifts were awesome.

Thank you again for all your work and dedication to those living with HIV in Canada.

~SIDA/AIDS MonctonSource: Moncton, NB (2017)

I am a woman living with AIDS in Toronto and my nurse from [centre] just dropped a gift to me from your organization. Not having any family support I cannot tell you how wonderful this is to have a gift to open on Christmas Morning. I guess I’m still a kid at heart even though I am a grandmother, but since my AIDS diagnoses my family has chosen to disown me, and this is one special gift. From my heart I thank you. 

~Anonymous beneficiarySource: Toronto, ON (2004)

We received and distributed the wonderful gifts you provided for our PHAs [persons living with HIV-AIDS].

Just as in previous years, the Little Elves have really ensured that the PHAs receive items of beauty and use which are extremely appreciated.

Thank you for supporting the PHAs in the Greater Moncton area.

~SIDA – AIDS MonctonSource: Moncton, NB (2012)

You may be Little Elves, but you have the biggest hearts!


~A Dr Peter Centre clientSource: Vancouver, BC (2017)

(…) yesterday we received the wonderful gifts you collected and made up our boxes for our PHA clients. The gifts will be delivered to them on December 22, along with a Christmas food box for each. Thank you for your generous assistance to help make our clients’ Christmas this year a little more special.

~SIDA – AIDS MonctonSource: Moncton, NB (2011)

Thank you for remembering the residents at [home] this Christmas, they are very appreciative of the gifts they received. I think sometimes that they feel they have been forgotten, but a generous gesture such as the little Elves’ make every year does wonders for their morale.

~--Source: Alberta (2004)

How can I express my deepest gratitude for your many years of faithful kindess to us? Each year is so unique and quite overwhelming for all of us. We all get quite excited to see these boxes come and to look forward to opening them to see decorated gifts done with love and generosity.

I leav my buddies to choose what gift they would like. It is their joy as they choose what speaks to them. Thank you for giving beautiful people a "choice in life" that says "for me"?

May God continue to bless you, your volunteers and the people who give generously in every way. You are God's <3 to so many!

~AIDS St-JohnSource: St-John, NB (2016)

I wanted to give a huge thank you for including us in the Little Elves gifting this year.  People were so happy to receive a gift and it brough a lot of happiness to all of our members.  From all of us here at Positive Living, we are truly grateful.

~Positive Living TorontoSource: Toronto, ON (2019)

Thank you for your generous donation of wrapped gifts for distribution to the clients of Casey House throughout the holiday season. Many of our clients struggle with social isolation and financial difficulties. To be unexpectedly given a beautifully wrapped gift at Christmas time is such a rare pleasure for many of our clients, and they are so appreciative of your gifts.

~Casey House, Toronto, ONSource: 2010

ACYR would like to convey their many thanks to The Little Elves, and to all those who have helped made a difference in making the holiday season a special one for those living with and impacted by HIV / AIDS. We received the boxes this morning, which brought so much joy to the team here. Thank you for the amazing work that you do!

~AIDS Committee of York RegionSource: Richmond Hill, ON (2018)

Fife House Foundation has received your kind donation of 19 boxes of Gifts for our Clients. This will go a long way to make our clients feel validated and special this Holiday Season. Thank You!

Our best wishes to all of you from all of us at Fife House.

~Fife HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2018)

Yesterday we received over 500 holiday presents for our clients from Fondation Les P'tits Lutins / The Little Elves Foundation. Thank you for assisting us in providing Hope, Help and Home this holiday season!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

~Fife HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2019) - Facebook

The 16 boxes arrived today and seem to all be in good shape. [...]

In any case, we are very happy and grateful to have such an abundance of gifts and we’ll  be unpacking a few of boxes on Wednesday afternoon so that we can place a colourful array under our Christmas tree where we’ll take a few photos to announce your gifts on social media. Then we’ll tuck them back away until it is time for Santa to hand them out!

Wishing you and all the Little Elves a joy-filled Christmas!

What lovely heart-warming work you do!

~Wenda, Philantropy OfficerSource: Dr Peter Centre, Vancouver BC (2015)

I would like to thank your group for the nice gift I recieved from the Dr Peter Centre a few days ago! I am HIV pos/HepC pos / and had throat cancer 12 years ago. And thanks very much for your gift. It helps a lot...

*Have a wonderful Day !!!* *Thank You*

~A Dr Peter Centre clientSource: Vancouver, BC (2013)

I am emailing to confirm that we received your gifts yesterday. I just want to take this moment to give you our sincerest thanks for providing all our residents with a little holiday cheer! We have our annual holiday dinner event planned for tonight so the gifts arrived just in time!

~Myrmex Non Profit HousingSource: Toronto, ON (2018)

(…) Thank you for your generous donation of wrapped gifts for distribution to the clients of Casey House throughout the holiday season. Many of our clients struggle with social isolation and financial difficulties. To be unexpectedly given a beautifully wrapped gift at Christmas time is such a rare pleasure for many of our clients, and they are so appreciative of your gifts.

~Casey HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2009)

We so appreciate your generous spirit and the thoughtful way in which thse gifts help our participants to experience a connection to community and the true giving that comes with the season.

Dr. Peter Center West End is more like home than home ever was for many of our clients. Many people who come here have had lives marked by trauma and neglect. They have often been rejected by family, friends and society. Challenged by HIV/AIDS, addiction or mental illness –  and in many cases all three –  as well as the related illnesses that plague those with compromised immunity, they have nowhere to go.

Your donation makes an important difference to the people we serve. In opening your heart to provide these special gifts, you are also offering respect, dignity and a sense of belonging to people who are most in need.

~Dr Peter AIDS FoundationSource: Vancouver, BC (2009)

A Big Thank You I am truly amazed year after year to recive your wonderful boxes of gifts for our dear clients, our friends. The way you took the time to wrap and decorate were quite wonderful. How sensitive and loving of you. The gifts are always given out with joy and excitement for both staff and our buddies. You will never know how much you make Christmas for others who have so little.

~AIDS St-JohnSource: St-John, NB (2014)

I would like to confirm that we have received your box of gifts. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Fondation les P’tits Lutins for your continued support of our organization. Your generosity spreads so much joy to so many individuals across Canada, and your efforts are truly appreciated.

~DylanSource: Myrmex Non Profit Housing (2016)

I would want to take this time to thank Little Elf of Montreal for being our heroes as well as amazing people.

As discussed over the phone, it would be great to have your organization visit the SHARP Foundation facilities to learn how we have been providing compassionate care to individuals living with complex health / HIV for the past 28 years. 

We are truly grateful for the amazing work Little Elf of Montreal provides, and it would be a great honour to have your organization visit us in Calgary.

~Sharpe FoundationSource: Calgary, AB (2018)

Over the course of the last few days, I have had the pleasure of handing out most of the gifts you got for us. Many of the recipients have been African refugees who have lost just about everything. For some reason or other, they all insisted on opening their gift on the spot. To witness their gratitude was a privilege. You certainly brought a great deal of sunshine to a number of people. One exchange was particularly special and I did want to share this story with you.

There was a work of art donated which was a flat rectangular piece (on soapstone, I was not sure) with the shape of what appeared to be a woman on her knees reaching to the earth.  I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and when I set eyes on it, I said: ‘That is so sad, so beautiful and so sad’. The person it was given to was a refugee from Rwanda who had lost her entire family in the 1994 genocide and I thought how appropriate she should be the recipient of such a precious gift. But she did not respond; she just kept staring at the work of art. It suddenly struck that maybe when you have lost everything, you simply cannot tolerate more symbols of suffering so I quickly told her that she did not have to take that gift and that she could simply choose another gift, which she did. But before she left, I had to ask the obvious question: ‘What were you thinking when you first saw that carving?’ And this was her answer. She said: ‘I did not understand ‘why you said this woman was sad’  because she is not sad, she is just praying’. ‘So you like it,’ I asked. ‘Very much’, she answered. ‘Then it is yours’, I said I saw despair; she saw a message of hope. These gifts?  We are not the givers, we are the recipients.

On behalf of us all at the Immunodeficiency Service of the Montreal Chest Institute, I thank you and wish you and your other wonderful elves a healthy and peaceful holiday season.

~Immunodeficiency Service of the Montreal Chest InstituteSource: Montréal, QC (2005)

(...) I would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts that you donated to us this year. On
December 15, 2018, we had a Holiday Dinner and Party for our clients
living with HIV and their affected members. The gifts were given to
each of the participants during the event. There were so many smiles
on our clients' faces as they unwrapped the gifts. Thank you so much
for the great work and for making such a big difference in the lives
of our clients who are usually isolated! Your generosity means so much
on this special occasion!

~Asian Community AIDS ServicesSource: Toronto, ON (2018)

ASAAP is truly grateful to all the wonderful volunteers & supporters at @ptitslutin @fondationlesptitslutins @thelittleelvesfoundation for donating, preparing, and delivering these beautifully wrapped gifts just in time for the holidays! Our happy colleague, Chhiring, will be surprising a few more community friends and families, as she and our team pass the goodness forward. We cherish the warm memories that were made as your special treats and keepsakes filled their hearts with joy and gratitude. Merry Happy Xmas Holidays to our new friends, ptitslutins!

~ASAAPSource: Toronto, ON (2019) - Facebook

Thank you so much for sending us ALL the gifts! It is very much appreciated + will help us in our holiday celebrations. Many thanks for all you do.

~Peers-in VictoriaSource: Victoria, BC (2017)

PASAN – Prisoner’s with HIV Support Action Network, would like to send our sincere appreciation to the many folks at Little Elves for our client’s and children’s gifts received! We had a delightful sit down dinner December 18th and our client’s were absolutely thrilled with the gifts they received; candles, blankets, sweet treats and the beautiful glass ornaments. Many spoke how this would be the only gift they (or their children) would receive and how they always looked forward to attending our event.

~PASAN – Prisoner’s with HIV Support Action NetworkSource: Toronto, ON (2017)

J’habite a Fife House, Toronto. I want to thank you all very
sincerely for remembering me and so many others here. The amazing
towel and lavender soap is a perfect gift; I’m using them already and
really appreciate your kindness!

Bonne fete nouvelle annee a tous!

~Résident de Fife HouseSource: Toronto, ON (2012)

The wrapped gifts, candle holders, mugs, lights and other personal items helped to make sure our Residents had a special time.

Your act of kindness is a wonderful way of making a difference to our residents. Your efforts as ‘special elves’ meant that each of our residents had an extra special festive season, and continue to enjoy your donated gifts today.

~John Gordon HomeSource: London, ON (2008)

Thank you for the gifts. They arrived yesterday.

Christmas will be made so much brighter for a lot of people because of The Little Elves.

~Bruce HouseSource: Ottawa, ON (2010)

Hello Little Elves, We have received our package order. Thank you very much for the wonderful festive wrapping on these much appreciated gifts. We look forward to distributing them to our clients.

~PEERS Victoria Resources SocietySource: Victoria, BC (2014)

We received our gifts last week — Little Elves are awesome! Whatever would we do without you? Our PLWHIV look forward so much to what you send.

~AIDS St-JohnSource: St-John, NB (2011)

Thank you to our great friends at the Fondation Les P'tits Lutins / The Little Elves Foundation who sent gifts for our participants all the way from Quebec! Each year this group sends more than 4000 gifts to Canadians living with HIV. We're so grateful for their support!

~Dr Peter AIDS FoundationSource: Vancouver BC (2016)

Merci à tous! J’habite à Fife House, Toronto.

Thank you so much for the beautiful towel and excellent Caprina soap! And so elegantly wrapped!

The work of Les P’tits Lutins is very important and so greatly appreciated!

~WGBSource: Toronto, ON (2011)

Thank you for the wonderful blanket this year. It will come in handy.

~D.Source: Toronto, ON (2011)

Thank you so much my friend, I will check the mail all week if you send them now, and we can distribute the rest after the holidays if you wish or we can send them back, thank you so much, and please remember angels are not just heavenly figures, they are all among us, and I am pleased to say, once again, I am sending this message to one. Happy Holidays.

~The AIDS coalition of Cape BretonSource: Sydney, NS (2004)

How do we truly thank your organization for the difference it has made to our clients during the Christmas season? Being such a small non-profit organization with much of our budget coming from donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, community groups, and fundraising, your help is invaluable to us.

We had a new (er) client coming in to us. She had been coming in for approximately 4-5 weeks, not speaking to anyone. She appeared extremely shy. We would try and engage her and she would put her head down, appear very uncomfortable and at the first opportunity leave. She was very unsteady in her walking and her speech very soft and appearing labored.

I went to her and gave her one ofyour gifts, and she was completely overwhelmed. She asked if we were sure it was for her, and when I replied of course she broke down into tears. It tumed out it was a blanket and she had just moved into the area and had nothing at the time. I wish I could share the look on her face, the joy of being thought of after so long being invisible.

The good news is that she is now connected with the HIV specialists once again. And each of our clients has expressed gratitude for the gifts that YOU have provided.

On behalf of AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan clients and staff we thank you for all that you do. Until HIV/AIDS is eradicated, APSS will be here on the front lines working directly with HIV + persons and we are grateful that you are here with us.

~AIDS Programs South SaskatchewanSource: Regina, SK (2013)