“Hit & Runs”

Those who have participated in deliveries in the past few years know the Foundation’s Hit & Runs… with an elvish twist !

It’s a gift delivery to the isolated who live on the streets – the homeless – during the Holiday season. It takes place in the Greater Montreal area. If the individuals are not necessarily carriers of HIV-aids, the homeless as a group present a higher infection rate than the general population.

What’s a “Hit & Run” then? On your way to work or as you do your shopping, you just present a lovingly Elf wrapped gift to a homeless person and wish him or her Happy Holidays.

This act of giving, in person, on the street, to a needy person brings a lot of joy to the person who receives. But it also creates, in the person who gives, a sense of having contributed to spread some Holiday magic.

To take part in this gratifying activity, write us or call 514 435-6763. Gifts for this particular distribution are ready to go.