Goal: raise $40 000 before December 5th, 2019


The Little Elves Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its main goal is to provide support and comfort to isolated people living with HIV-aids.

To reach said goal, the Elves :

  1. Establish – for the Christmas period in particular – the delivery of gifts and the organization of recreational activities for AIDS sufferers living in hospices, hospital settings and underpriviledged areas;
  2. Raise the awareness of the population to the needs of people living with AIDS and who carry the HIV virus;
  3. The organization will also, on occasion, distribute Holiday gifts to people living in women’s shelters or to the homeless.

Since 2002, The Little Elves Foundation is formally constituted as a non-profit organization. Its current board of directors is composed of:

Sylvain Duhamel,
Carole Clavel
Isabelle Drouin
Antoine Gélinas
Geneviève Gélinas
Manon Michaud
Michèle Lesage

The Little Elves Foundation is a recognized charitable organization (no. 8583 14487 RR0001)  and delivers receipts for income tax purposes to donators of more than $20.